Lets Take a look at the top 10 Snacks eaten in America


10. Crackers 3%

Top 10 Snack Foods Consumed in America - CrackersDo you prefer your cracker with peanut butter or with a slice of cheese? Either way – count the calories before you say that your scale is not working right.

9. Bars 4%

Top 10 Snack Foods Consumed in America - BarsThere are many types of bars – energy bars, protein bars, etc. Some of them are actually very nutrient, and that is why sportsmen are often consuming them. If you aren’t the type of person who exercises that much, feel free to skip them.

8. Cookies 4%

Top 10 Snack Foods Consumed in America - CookiesOh, those crumbly chocolate cookies, mmm! Don’t they make your mouth water? Just forget about the sugar and calories.

7. Nuts 5%

Top 10 Snack Foods Consumed in America - NutsWell, nuts are perhaps the healthiest snack food on this list of Top 10 Snack Foods Consumed in America up to now. They are full of minerals, vitamins, and healthy fats. Just be careful if you are consuming them with different toppings, a lot of salt, and other unnecessary destroyers of a healthy balanced diet. This is a good example how one thing that is truly healthy and rich in many vital nutrients can become unhealthy. It is our own fault.

6. Ice-cream 5%

Top 10 Snack Foods Consumed in America - Ice-creamOK, who can say “no” to ice-cream?! Dairy product – a lot of fat and sugar – not really a good choice for a healthy snack.

5. Breath Mints/Stripes 5%

Top 10 Snack Foods Consumed in America - Breath Mints/StripesI know what you are thinking – that is not food, that is not even a snack, it is just a breath mint. Ok, that sounds quite natural, but do you really think there isn’t any sugar in them, or even worse – those artificial, non-saccharide sweeteners? Besides that, every time when we start chewing on something or melting something in our mouth, our digestive system doesn’t know that we don’t consider it to be a snack. It just starts processing it.

4. Chips 8%

Top 10 Snack Foods Consumed in America - ChipsHow can you watch a movie without a bag of chips? Or go through a party without this delicious salty snacks? Well, you can if you have enough strength of character.

3. Gum 10%

Top 10 Snack Foods Consumed in America - GumYou are probably thinking the same thing you were thinking for breath mints (it is not a food), but once again we have an explanation for it – don’t forget that the first phase of digestion starts in our mouth! Also, many gums contain one of the unhealthiest artificial sweeteners –  aspartame. Never heard of it? It is time to learn something about it – it will help you stop this unhealthy ugly little habit of chewing gums.

2. Fruit 13%

Top 10 Snack Foods Consumed in America - FruitFinally, one more food on this list, besides the nuts that can be considered as very healthy. But if you have read our introduction very carefully, you have learned that there is only one way to eat this food right and enjoy all the benefits of it. You have to eat it on an empty stomach and not combine it with any other type of food. You may think you’re already doing that, but research topics about healthy dieting and learn how much time it takes to process some food – there are foods that are digested for more than 5 hours. Yes, there is big science behind all of this.

1. Candy 15%

Top 10 Snack Foods Consumed in America - CandyI guess there are more people on this planet that like sweets than those who like salty snacks. Or maybe more candies are consumed because kids were involved in this study? Who knows? I know we are not that surprised to see that candy tops this list of top 10 snack foods consumed in America.

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Me I am really concerned that some of the old-time snacks didn’t specifically make the list

Salt water taffy



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