Teenage Acne

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Knowing what triggers an acne outbreak can help you keep your complexion in check. Identify those triggers and then use a powerful dermatologist-recommended acne treatment for a fighting chance against existing and future breakouts. Clear skin isn’t a myth. You can get it.

Hormone Changes

HORMONE CHANGES These ups and downs may be caused by puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, or starting/stopping birth control pills.


GENETICS The tendency to get acne may be inherited from your parents.


STRESS Much like hormonal changes, stress can cause yourbody to trigger a breakout. Try to manage your stress levels with physical activities or meditation 


COSMETICS Makeup or foundation with an oily base may contribute to plugged follicles.

Causes of Acne


Acne begins beneath your skin’s surface with your hair follicles and oil glands (called the sebaceous glands). These glands produce a sticky, natural body oil called sebum. When hormone levels fluctuate (and maybe other triggers in your life kick in), your sebaceous glands ramp up the sebum production. As your skin naturally exfoliates, the dead cells stick to the oily sebum and plug up your hair follicTles – this is the first stage of the acne cycle. Since these plugs can’t be washed away with soap and water, acne bacteria – what scientists call P. acnesbacteria – can thrive and multiply beneath the plugs. This infiltration of bacteria is the second stage in the acne cycle. The result? Stage three of the cycle: Acne. Classic swelling, redness, and sometimes lesions. If the walls of your plugged hair follicles weaken, they can rupture, spreading the P. acnes bacteria to surrounding tissue and causing more pimples.


While you can’t control things like genetics or hormones – you can control some of the acne triggers you face on a daily basis. Here are some additional triggers, and tips on how to reduce your chance of a breakout.

  • OIL FROM BEAUTY PRODUCTSMoisturizers, make-up, and even hair styling products can cause acne. Try to use oil-free, “non-comedogenic” or “non-acnegenic” products.
  • PRESSURETight sports equipment like helmets increase pressure and can ultimately cause breakouts. Whenever possible, loosen gear – while staying safe, of course!
  • HIGH HUMIDITYIf you live somewhere hot and humid, you may notice your acne worsens as the temperature rises. When it’s humid, your skin swells, blocking the outflow of sebum and potentially causing acne.
  • POLLUTIONEveryday pollution can clog your pores and cause problems like acne. Remember to wash your face after being outside, even if it doesn’t feel dirty.
  • GREASEIt probably goes without saying that greasy environments – like kitchens with fry vats – can contribute to acne. Try to avoid these environments if you can.
  • IRRITATING YOUR BLEMISHES Squeezing, picking at or scrubbing your blemishes too hard can make your acne worse. General rule of thumb: keep your hands away from your face!
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